NMN supplements improve muscle functions

Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) supplements are effective in enhancing muscle mobility and functions in older adults. Several animal studies have shown that the intake of precursor molecule (NMN) can significantly increase the level of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) in the body. Furthermore, age-related decline in NAD+ can lead to several health issues including metabolic, neurodegenerative, and cardiovascular diseases along with a reduction in muscle functions.

So, a study was conducted by Yamauchi and colleagues at the University of Tokyo to find out whether NMN supplements improve muscle functions in humans? Let’s see how the study was conducted and what it concluded.

NMN Supplements improve muscle functions

Are NMN supplements well-tolerated?

Before checking the effectiveness of NMN against muscle weakness, first, its safety was determined. The research team conducted common blood tests. Which indicate the toxicity such as markers of kidney functions and liver enzymes after a twelve-week daily intake of NMN. And the results of lab tests have revealed no change, which showed that the NMN supplements are safe and well-tolerated.

Oral NMN enhances NAD+ levels

Several previous studies have shown that the oral administration of NMN can significantly increase the NAD+ levels in aged rats. And these increased levels improve related health conditions. To check the same effect in humans, researchers supplemented NMN in older men for 12 weeks. According to Yamauchi and colleagues, it is the first study, which reports that the oral intake of NMN supplements is effective in improving NAD+ metabolites in the human blood.

Further analysis depicted that the NMN supplements increase the metabolism of NAD+ by enhancing the conversion of NMN to NAD+. And the conversion of other metabolites of NMN to NAD+ by a special NAD+ synthesis pathway (commonly known as de novo pathway). These results also showed that the NMN promotes NAD+ synthesis by activating several NAD+ biosynthesis pathways.

Figure (A) showed a clear increase in NMN blood levels as compared to placebo while figure (B) showed an increase in NAD blood levels.
Figure 1: The daily intake of NMN supplements for 12 weeks significantly improves blood NAD+ and NMN blood levels. Figure (A) showed a clear increase in NMN blood levels as compared to placebo while figure (B) showed an increase in NAD blood levels. NMN supplements improve muscle functions.

NMN increases muscle performance in males aged 65 and above

To check whether NMN-induced NAD level improves body functions, researchers tested muscle performance and strength. The results have depicted that the daily 250 mg of NMN supplements is safe. Well-tolerated, and improve muscle strength by increasing grip strength, walking speed, and the number of time a person raise from a chair for thirty seconds.  

The bottom line

The study findings suggest that the supplementation of 250 mg per day of NMN for 12 weeks in older adults is well-tolerated, safe, and significantly NAD+ metabolites in blood. In addition, improves muscle performance and strength.



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