The Guide To Spermidine: Function, Benefits, And Supplementation

We know the need for a good diet and regular exercise to achieve the most prolonged and healthiest lifespan possible. The market for longevity supplements is expanding, providing new options for dietary and lifestyle changes. Spermidine is quickly growing in popularity as a dietary supplement. It is a substance that occurs naturally in cells and some whole foods. Spermidine benefits are numerous, and this polyamine is believed to promote fertility, longevity, and well health. So let's look more closely to spermidine function and benefits.

What are the spermidine benefits, how does spermidine function and what are the beste supplements?

What is spermidine?

It is a naturally occurring polyamine frequently found in ribosomes and biological tissues. Spermidine was initially identified in semen but was later detected in all eukaryotic cells. It can also be found in various kinds of cheese, cauliflower, broccoli, and other whole foods. Sperdimine can stimulate autophagy. The autophagy system breaks the waste within cells and then recycles cellular parts. This system serves as the mitochondria's primary quality-control mechanism. Also, autophagy breaks down the defective and damaged mitochondria.  

How does spermidine function?

When it comes to spermidine function, it mimics the effects of calorie restriction on the body by simulating fasting. It is crucial to the survival and function of cells.

This procedure increases longevity and offers disease protection. The quantities of spermidine in our bodies naturally decline with age, limiting autophagy and speeding up the aging process. Eating foods high in spermidine or taking supplements, the most efficient approach to increase spermidine consumption, are two ways to cope. The supplements come in powder, tablet, and liquid form and have active substances that will fulfill all your nutritional needs that aren't present in the typical modern diet; there are several spermidine supplement benefits.

Spermidine is also a polyamine, which makes it simple to attach to many molecules and enhances the functionality of those molecules. They aid in cell proliferation, DNA stability, apoptosis, and growth. For healthy tissue to grow and operate, spermidine is crucial.

spermidine supplement benefits


Benefits of spermidine

Spermidine supplement benefits are of a wide range, and they have several positive health effects due to the autophagic process. Let's take a look at a few.

Helps in biological processes

It is crucial for controlling several biological functions, including maintaining cell membrane potential, aspartate receptors, nitric oxide synthase, and intracellular pH levels. Spermidine is a significant morphogenetic factor that affects how long cells and living tissue live.

Helps in anti-aging

    In recent years, spermidine has gained momentum as a great anti-aging agent. Several animal studies have demonstrated that taking spermidine can be beneficial in avoiding hepatocellular cancer and liver fibrosis. Spermidine also aids in coping with stress. Also, since spermidine decreases with age, taking spermidine supplements helps with age-related diseases that come with low levels of spermidine. For example, it helps in thicker hair growth, eyelashes, youthful skin, and stronger nails; it reduces the visible indications of aging.

    It has anti-inflammatory properties.

    According to some research, spermidine helps in lipid metabolism, cell development, and proliferation and has anti-inflammatory qualities. Inflammation is essential for wound healing and keeps off invading microorganisms, but chronic inflammation associated with aging, also known as inflammaging, is dangerous. The regeneration of healthy tissue can be prevented if there is chronic inflammation. This can cause the immune system to malfunction and potentially speed the process by which healthy cells age. Spermidine appears to lessen this ongoing inflammation and may delay one aspect of the aging process for cells and tissues.

    It improves memory and cognition.

    Spermidine might also enhance memory and thought processes. It has the potential to protect neurons against inflammation, ischemia, and oxidative stress. It dissolves the amyloid beta protein via autophagy, and these plaques, which can accumulate in the brain, are connected to neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer's. In fact, spermidine may help older persons with dementia avoid memory loss.

    It protects DNA from damage.

    Spermidine also shields DNA from oxidative stress-related damage. It has been found to stabilize mitochondrial DNA, guarding against aging brought on by mutations in the mitochondrial genome. 

    Increases lipid metabolism

    Your lipid metabolism controls how long you live, and if it's not working correctly, it can negatively impact your life expectancy and health. Spermidine contributes to the development of adipocytes, which alter lipid profiles and increase their impact on lifespan. Spermidine is a promising medicine for promoting longevity since it provides a lot of assistance for lipid metabolism.

    Improve reproductive fertility

    Additionally, spermidine has been linked to increased fertility. Ovaries build up reactive oxygen species over time, which can harm eggs and accelerate menopause. Reactive oxygen species can lead to abnormal development of the female germline stem cells in the ovaries, which will reduce fertility. Studies have shown that spermidine can lower oxidative stress, which lowers oxidative damage and improves fertility. 

    What food contains spermidine?

    • Several foods, such as soy, grapefruit, oranges, broccoli, green pepper, peas, whole grains, and chickpeas, are dietary sources of spermidine. Some of these components are particularly prevalent in the Mediterranean diet, which promotes longevity, and may contribute to exceptional spermidine benefits. 
    • Wheat germ, a frequent component in nutritional and longevity supplements, also contains significant amounts of spermidine.
    • You can take a spermidine supplement if you have trouble getting enough in your diet. The artificial spermidine found in dietary supplements is the same as the natural molecule.
    • It was once widely believed that cheese consumption was unhealthy. But according to recent studies, aged cheeses like parmesan, cheddar, and brie, which are excellent sources of calcium and spermidine, can improve general health.

    A complete list of foods rich in Spermidine can be found here


    It goes without saying that there are several spermidine benefits, such as anti-aging properties and protection of DNA to improve reproductive health. Spermidine is safe for consumption, and there have been many studies, and it hasn't shown any adverse side effects in studies. It is also safe for consumption because it is endogenous to the human body. There is no doubt that spermidine supplements benefit the human body. There are currently several spermidine supplements on the market, either in pure form or compound form, combining spermidine with other active substances.