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What are the best longevity supplements?

NMN supplements are known to have a potent anti-aging effect, but what is NMN, and do longevity supplements work?

Modern medicine has accomplished incredible feats. During the twentieth century, men's life expectancy increased from 48 to 74 years, while women's life expectancy increased from 51 to 80 years. People are living longer lives, but this does not imply greater health. Healthcare systems have grown highly effective at keeping us alive. Still, in many situations, this just means that individuals are living with long-term diseases that are a burden on health services and their own quality of life.

The longevity supplement business is expanding. Many individuals are turning to longevity supplements, with nicotinamide mononucleotide being one of the most popular (NMN). NMN supplements promise effects such as enhancing overall health and fighting aging-related conditions.

What is NMN as a longevity supplement?

NMN is a precursor to another significant molecule known as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). Our bodies utilize NAD+ for a variety of functions, the most essential of which is to act as a fuel for molecules that repair DNA damage, give energy, and boost immune systems. It is necessary for maintaining high metabolisms and keeping vital systems in our bodies functioning in a healthy condition.

As we age, levels of NAD+ tend to decline, which by association means all those structures that rely on NAD+ for their functioning start to become less efficient. When we cross middle age, the rate of NAD+ production in our bodies will decrease to roughly half the levels they were in our youth. The inevitable result? Our bodies become less effective at converting energy into fuel, combating disease, repairing DNA, and all the other things which are needed to keep you healthy.

How does Vitamin D supplement promote longevity?

Vitamin D is often a point of deficiency in most diets. There are limited dietary sources of vitamin D. The major natural dietary source of vitamin D is oily fish; that is why in some countries, including the USA, it is mandatory for the diary products industry to fortify milk with vitamin D.

Vitamin D has multiple functions, including the regulation of bone and calcium levels. Vitamin D deficiencies are associated with age-related diseases such as Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's Disease, osteoporosis, and cognitive impairment.

Vitamin D is found to promote longevity through the regulation of stress response pathway genes that lead to significant suppression of the pathological mechanism of aging. 

Resveratrol anti-aging effect

Studies demonstrated that resveratrol could promote longevity by inducing an anti-aging mechanism called autophagy. The autophagy process enhances the clearance of impaired cellular organelles. Other resveratrol effects that are linked to promoting longevity include anti-inflammatory effects, suppression of oxidative stress, and balancing gut microbiome.

Quercetin as a longevity supplement

Quercetin has antioxidant properties that help alleviate oxidative stress and free radicals effect on the body. Free radicals are metabolites that are known to promote inflammatory effects and aging.

The topical application of quercetin promotes skin hydration, increases elasticity, and reduces wrinkles' formation.