Why you should avoid buying NMN supplement on Amazon

Several health supplements have taken over the market as people are now more health-conscious than ever. One supplement that has become extremely popular is the anti-aging molecule known as Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN). The supplement has attracted many customers, as it is suggested by David Sinclair, a renowned biologist known for his research on aging at the Harvard Medical School. Let find out why not to buy nmn supplement on amazon

why you should avoid buying nmn on amazon

Most of us use Amazon to purchase our supplements, primarily due to convenience and the availability of cheaper alternatives. But have you ever tried to ascertain the purity and reliability of such products? Most probably not. Indeed, many people don't try to find out if a product matches the claims made by the company, and that's why companies selling fake supplements have popped up in the market.

The Reality of NMN Supplements Available on Amazon

To make consumers aware of the reality behind any NMN supplement Amazon lists, a dietary company, conducted a study on 22 NMN Amazon products. Surprisingly, the results were not in favor of consumers.

Only 3 samples out of 22 contained NMN as per claim. 23% of products, i.e., 5 samples, had around 88 – 99% of claimed NMN content. About 14 samples (64%) had less than 1% of NMN content, while 3 samples contributing to 14% of the total samples tested had no NMN content. This reveals that almost 78% of NMN supplements Amazon sells do not contain the correct dose of NMN and can therefore impart no health benefits.

Another study conducted by Effepharm in collaboration with ProHealth Longevity revealed similar results. Almost 50% of NMN products had no NMN content, while some were only about 80% pure.

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy NMN on Amazon

The primary reason you must avoid purchasing NMN supplement Amazon enlists is that there is no guarantee of the purity and efficacy of the product. Studies show several companies sell adulterated products, and there is no way to find the right one. Except, of course, a third-party test which is not viable for every buyer.

Secondly, you cannot be sure how supplements of NMN Amazon stores at its facilities and for how long. In an interview, David Sinclair mentioned that NMN must be stored in refrigeration to avoid degradation. And Amazon does not offer refrigeration to FBA sellers. Therefore, the supplement is not kept under cool conditions till it reaches your doorstep.

Thirdly, there is no way to contact them if you have any queries, as many sellers do not even have a website.

And finally, there is no scarcity of fraudulent companies on Amazon that display fake certificates of analysis to lure customers into buying their products.

What You Can Do Instead

The above discussion doesn't mean you cannot find genuine NMN on Amazon. But it is best to examine further than rely on an NMN Amazon page. Find a company that has an official website. See if you can find the certificate of analysis and check the details. A genuine company will respond to questions you may have. Furthermore, calculate the average price of NMN per gram by studying products in the market. A product with a low price may not be at par with standards.

NMN is a health supplement, and you should not take a chance on your health. So, be vigilant and make sure you buy it from a reliable source.