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EpiAge™ Your Biological Age Test

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How fast have you really aged?

For the sake of your health, you already have a balanced diet, exercise regularly, refrain from smoking and limit your alcohol intake. Perhaps you even buttress your efforts with longevity supplements.

But how do you know if your efforts are really paying off? Fortunately, you can find out your biological age and discover how well your longevity strategies are working.

  • Test your efforts | Want to know if your longevity supplements and healthy lifestyle are effective?
  • Compare your age | Have your biological age determined and compare it with your actual age!

The Biological Test package contains:

• An instruction manual with Secure ID
• A test tube for dispensing the saliva sample
• An Biological Age info folder
• A return envolope (includes courier shipment of your test sample to the lab)

1. Carefully unscrew the cap from the tube containing the stabilizing buffer and attach the funnel to it.

2. Spit saliva (not phlegm) into the funnel that you have now attached to the collection tube until the volume
reaches the 5 ml line.

Important: Over-filling the tube during saliva collection may render failure of the test.

3. Use the supplied cap to close the collection tube tightly. Invert and shake the capped tube 10 - 15 times to ensure the saliva and the stabilizer buffer are fully mixed.

4. Put the tube into the ziplock bag.

5. Ship to us using the enclosed envelope.


Biological Age Test
What is the epiAge™ test?

The epiAge™ test provides you with a sharp and reliable snapshot of your current health! It reveals your biological age. Compared to the age in your passport, your biological age shows you how your body has actually aged.

If your biological age is lower than your chronological age, you are probably already on the right track to staying healthy in the long term. But if your biological age is higher, it may be time to adopt healthier strategies.

Biological Age test by epiage, find out how old you really are
How does the Biological Age Test work?

Thanks to next-generation sequencing and based on a simple saliva sample, an individual’s biological age can be accurately determined.

You can harvest the saliva sample in the comfort of your own home before sending it to epiAge. It is then analysed in the lab and your generally obtain your test result within about 4 weeks.

Once you know your biological age, you can check the effectiveness of your lifestyle changes and other longevity strategies with follow-up tests at regular intervals (e.g., every 6 months).

Biological Age Test FAQs

Have a question not answered here? Check out our FAQs or get in touch with us.

Ageing is a complex process that is steered by several factors: we seem to genetically inherit a certain longevity potential from our forebears. But individual lifestyle appears even more influential on ageing, hence the health of the body. This means that epiAge does not analyse your DNA but rather the system of biochemical switches around the DNA (epigenetics). This system activates or temporarily silences certain genes or gene sequences by means of chemical changes (in our case methylation). Epigenetics are influenced by lifestyle, personal circumstances and the environment – hence you actually have the power to make changes and positively influence your health.

You can expect your result – i.e. a number, your biological age – 2-4 weeks after epiAge has received your sample. As soon as it has reached epiAge, you will receive a confirmation by email – provided you have registered the ID number of the sample beforehand.

If my biological age is older than my chronological age:
The fact that your biological age is higher than it should be is a sign that you should probably make some lifestyle changes. Talk to your doctor about how you can better foster your health and set yourself realistic goals.

If my biological age is younger than my chronological age:
A younger biological age may mean that you are already on the right path to healthy ageing. Nevertheless, you should see this as an incentive to maintain and even expand your healthy habits.

Now you know where you stand with your biological age. Since the latter is influenced by diet, exercise, sleep and stress, among other aspects, your test result should encourage you to change your lifestyle and live (even) more healthily. Why not start today? Set yourself realistic goals and work towards long-term changes. Here are 11 scientifically proven longevity hacks to get you started.

You can tell you are making progress when you start feeling really well. You can also find out how your health has progressed concretely by doing a follow-up test after a few months.

The ageing process can indeed be slowed down and sometimes even reversed. Key factors are lifestyle, personal circumstances and the environment in which you live. If you manage to implement positive changes in these dimensions, chances are that ageing will slow down.

Your sample has been assigned a secure ID number. We assign it anonymously and it can no longer be attributed to a specific customer. Thanks to the Secure ID you can retrieve your test result anonymously – provided you have registered the sample beforehand. Neither does epiAge nor do we store genetic data. epiAge only deciphers so-called methylation markers on your DNA.

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